Eye Care

During your comprehensive eye examination, Conor use’s both his expertise and
advanced technology to fully examine the health of your eyes and work out your
most accurate prescription. He is here to answer any questions you may have,
and you won’t feel rushed.

Once complete, Conor will discuss and explain the outcome of the test in detail.
If glasses are required, he will advise the best lenses to suit your vision and
lifestyle needs before you head downstairs to choose glasses with one of our
experienced team

Adult Eye Care

Your eyesight is very precious, so regular eye exams are necessary to ensure your
eyes are healthy, and you have the best level of vision possible.
As part of the examination, we screen for any signs of cataracts, glaucoma,
macular degeneration, diabetic changes or any other eye conditions that could
threaten your eyesight and ultimately your way of life.
We offer complete eye examinations with both medical cards & PRSI
appointments available

OCT as standard
Clearly different from the rest, Conor Fleming Opticians has offered an OCT scan
as part of our standard eye examination for the past number of years.
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan provides Conor with a comprehensive
view of the retina and its layers. The latest technology is capable of seeing beyond
the retina, giving a layer by layer view of the back of the eye important for the
early diagnosis of macular degeneration and other degenerative diseases such as