Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Examination & Fitting
Fleming Opticians have been fitting contact lenses in Clonmel for over 28 years. We fit and supply contact lenses for those who would like an alternative to wearing glasses all the time. We can correct for most distance, reading, astigmatism and varifocals prescriptions.

Modern Contact Lenses
Modern contact lenses are constantly evolving, developing and improving. This has led to an increased number of successful contact lenses wearing patients, who find that their vision is improved and contact lenses more comfortable to wear.

The Benefits of Contact Lenses

Wear every day or just occasionally. Beneficial for work, sports & social outings. We use leading brands of contact lenses to correct all types of vision problems.
Following a thorough consultation and examination, contact lenses are fitted by
the Optometrist. Experience the freedom of seeing clearly without glasses.

Contact Lens Guidance
Following a thorough eye examination and consultation, contact lenses are fitted by the Optometrist. You will be shown how to handle the lenses, insert and remove them safely. Advice will be given on a care and wearing regime, and before leaving the practice and aftercare follow up appointment will be made for you .