Clearly Different

Clearly Different

Clearly Different

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here are a few common
questions & answers

How often should I
have an eye test?

Most people should have an eye test every 2 years.
But it's best to attend earlier if you notice a difference in your vision.

I hate picking
new frames

Our team is here to help.
We can help to advise what frame best suits your needs
Our aim is to take the hassle out of picking a new frame.

I'm nervous about
having my eyes tested?

With over 28 years experience, Conor treats every client individually and dedicates time to each consultation. Conor will ensure you feel comfortable and at ease during your eye test and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Am I entitled to a
free eye test?

Medical card holders are entitled to a free examination and any necessary
standard spectacles once every two years. You will need to call in store to fill out
an application form. We will send the form to the HSE for you. Once approved,
you can book an appointment with us.
We can check if you qualify for PRSI Treatment Benefit . Give us your PPS number
when you make your appointment to see if you are eligible.

we are

Conor Fleming Opticians has been practising in the heart of Clonmel for over 23 years. Our mission  is to provide a personal, caring, high quality service to all our clients everyday.


At Conor Fleming Opticians, we have been renowned for our comprehensive eye examinations for over 28 years. Conor use’s both his expertise and advanced technology to fully examine the health of your eyes. Clearly different from the rest, Conor Fleming Opticians has offered an OCT scan as part of our standard eye examination for the past number of years.

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